Everybody knows it's impossible to plan a perfect vacation without spending precious time choosing and researching your destination, compare flights and hotel prices, book every attraction ticket and more. And Covid19 made these times very challenging: what's right today might change next week – and you'll find yourself abroad with an irrelevant plan, tangled in a trip that just keeps getting pricier.

Metudela developed a revolutionary solution, first of its kind, that makes every vacation perfect every time: a global system which combines vast tourism research data with advanced AI to create trip for you personally, when all the routes and data are completely free.

Metudela partnered with world leaders in tourism services – Booking.com, Tripadvisor's Viator, Kiwi and others – to create a single platform with hundreds of thousands of puzzle pieces: from flights and hotels to car rentals, shuttle from the airport, to travel insurance and tickets to every Museum and world attraction possible. All sits in a single place, that will create a complete picture for you – based on your budget, personal interests and more. 

Metudela's AI will understand you with ease: after a few short questions, it will realize what kind of trip you are looking for, calculate expected expenses - not just flights and sleeping accommodations, but also internal transportation, recreational activities and even shopping!

What's so special about our AI vacations? The magic word is balance. Every trip you ever took was influenced by 3 critical resources: time, effort, and money.  And you know very well how challenging it can get - you (and your kids) will always go tired before reaching every monument, store, or attraction in the area, without knowing if it's worth it; so, your standard vacation is filled with disappointing compromises. Naturally, it's much more apparent in the shadow of Covid19 days, which made spontaneous traveling impossible. 

To make sure you'll get the most of every vacation, Metudela's AI will create balanced daily routes for you based on your interests, preferences, budget, and age - for example, a daily route for a couple can include a 2-mile walk, but it’s a different story if they have a 6-year-old kid. The system can tell you which monuments and museums are just what you're looking for, and which can be passed.

So, whether you're looking for a romantic getaway, an annual family vacation, or just a quick relaxing weekend trip – you'll get a tailor-made vacation without wasting a moment on research and preparations, without waiting in line not knowing what to expect, and without burning money. Welcome to Metudela's AI revolution, where every vacation is perfect.


Metudela – the world awaits!

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